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ExTiX Deepin 23.4 Live based on Deepin 23 Alpha 2 (latest) with Refracta Snapshot and kernel 6.3.0-rc4-amd64-exton :: Build 230403

NEWS 230403 ABOUT ExTiX with Deepin 23 ALPHA 2 I’ve released a new version of ExTiX Deepin today (230403). This ExTiX Build is based on Deepin 23 Alpha 2 (latest version) released by Deepin Technology 230208. Please read the Release Notes… As you can see the developers urge people to try Deepin Alpha 2 in a non-production environment! I must say, though, that I haven’t discovered any “bugs”. And the installed programs won’t “crash” or anything like that. On the […]

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