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ExTiX Deepin 21.1 Live based on Deepin 20.1 (latest) with Skype, Spotify, Refracta Snapshot and kernel 5.10.4-exton :: Build 210106/210103

NEWS 210106 ABOUT ExTiX Deepin 21.1 I’ve uploaded a new extra version of ExTiX Deepin, which has VirtualBox Guest Additions pre-installed. With those installed you can run ExTiX in full screen in VirtualBox. The additions couldn’t be installed while using kernel 5.10.4-exton. I had to install Deepin’s original kernel 5.4.50-amd64-desktop. In version 210106 I’ve also included Refracta Installer. Use it in VirtualBox if you want an exact copy of ExTiX Deepin installed. Before starting Refracta Installer you should run the […]

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